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Shits Jackson said (requested by anonymous)

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"I just don’t like irrationality and unfairness. I believe that we need to talk about the things that are wrong. Our fans are young. And I don’t think there are certain things they shouldn’t know just because they’re young. I rather think that they need to get used to talking about society and things that are important when they are young because it will help them become better adults. It’s our style to point out what needs pointing out." — Yongguk (xx)

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Take a break. #Holiday #Bangsaen #Thailand  (at ใบบัวบีชรีสอร์ท)

Take a break. #Holiday #Bangsaen #Thailand (at ใบบัวบีชรีสอร์ท)

Sassy Jae strikes again, and Mr. I’ve had enough .. well, had enough

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the man currently destroying every toppklass’ bias list: han jiwon

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